The Dog Muck Shrike

Author: Philip Trenerry
Published: 2024
Imprint: Pylon Press Letterboxing Trails
Format: A3 (A5 folded)
Features: 2 colour risograph (fluo pink and black)


This document invites you to take a walk from Shipley Bridge to the Avon Dam, and beyond. During your journey you will see strange excrement formations, and knotted polythene bags suspended from small trees and gorse bushes. The locals call these punishment posts; sorting frames used by a vengeful and butcherous bird to prepare for acts of faecal justice.

If you choose to walk your dog here, take care to clean up after it makes a mess. You are being watched and you are expected to show respect for the moorland landscape. If you ignore this advice then your car might be subjected to dog muck desecration, or worse still, your beloved pet might get abducted by The Dog Muck Shrike.

Letterboxing is an orienteering activity that has its origins on Dartmoor. Following map references and clues, letterboxers search the landscape for weatherproof boxes containing illustrated rubber stamps. Pylon Press Letterboxing Trails reimagine folklore on Dartmoor and its edgelands through the transmission of new and existing stories. To use this trail map, identify and visit the location using the OS or GPS reference, follow the trail to the cache area, and use the clue to help you find the letterbox. Complete your experience by printing the stamp directly on to the map, and leave your name and a comment in the visitors’ book. If you have your own stamp then you can leave a print too.