The Conjoined Ghosts of Hemerdon Mine

Author: Philip Trenerry
Published: 2017
Imprint: Pylon Press Letterboxing Trails
Format: A3 (A5 folded)
Features: 2 colour risograph (metallic gold and mint)


Philip Trenerry is trying to establish alternative folklore on Dartmoor using a locally associated pastime called ‘Letterboxing’.

‘Focusing on the Hemerdon Mine footpath network, I wanted to make a set of artefacts that put a visual emphasis on starting point as well as goal so I created a folklore trail map to accompany my first letterboxing stamp.

Inspired by public information films like Apaches and Play Safe, I wrote a cautionary narrative that alludes to the fate of two characters who trespassed on the tungsten mine in the 1970s’.

The trail map was hand rendered with coloured pencil and risograph printed in custom colours. The stamp is designed to be printed directly on to the map when found and has been deliberately omitted from the photos.