Author: Philip Trenerry et al.
Published: 2019
Imprint: Pylon Series
Format: 20x26cm Booklet
Features: Full colour, 44 pages

Our latest collaborative book documents a series of unique visual interpretations of the 'Regeneration' theme, produced by the diverse talents emerging from our Illustration community at Plymouth College of Art.

You will find illustrations that acknowledge the reintroduction of native species to wilderness locations and the resilience of animals that have adapted to hostile environments. You will see studies of servicemen who received pioneering surgery during the First World War and dystopian reinterpretations of symbolic British rituals.


Bench Allen, Tor Allen, Toby Allen, Bridgette Ashton, Dan B, Donatienne Borione, Mel Brown, Tom Charlesworth, Gabriel East, Poppy Goldsmith, Emma Groves, Nate Hall, Izzy Hazard, Jason Hirons, Jess Holloway, John Kilburn, Charlotte Leadley, Kelly May, Sean Morgan, Jua O'Kane, Steph Parnell, Caroline Pedler, Sam Rowe, Philip Trenerry, Jack Viant, Jake Williams.