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'Pylon Press is a support structure for the transmission of creative energy'. At Pylon Press we help illustration students by giving them a first chance to see their work in print through the cult of indy publishing.
Established practitioners and academics work alongside students on collaborative publications and individuals get to explore themes and storytelling through our solo publications.
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Pylon Press is a research project, developed by Philip Trenerry and Mel Brown to enrich the HE Illustration programme at Plymouth College of Art.

Through competitions, projects, events and distribution we aim to give students, alumni and academics new opportunities to produce illustration work.

The additional involvement of practitioners from the illustration and other creative industries is helping us to inspire the aspirations of our students.


Contributing Illustrators / Practitioners & Academics

Bridgette Ashton
Mel Brown
Abigail McKenzie
Andy Pedler
Caroline Pedler
Maddy Pethick
Jack Teagle
Matt Thame
Philip Trenerry
Benjamin Wright

Contributing Illustrators / Students & Alumni

Gillian Adams
Toby Allen
Cindy Arscott
Sayra Begum
Jez Bird
Joanna Birkett
Tobey Brown
Ben Challen
Briony Cloke
MIke Coombs
Izzy Drury
Jonathan Habens
Angie Henriques
Thomas Hindes
Catriona Jukes
Isaac Lenkiewicz
Lindy Lewis
Kadi Mari
Lize Meddings
Carl Mueller
Rachel Oliver
Georgina Ridler
Christine Roberts
Megan Rodgers




Ryan Salter
Sasha Seraia
Jack Sewell
Victoria Stroud
Tricia Stubberfield
Sam Thorne
Katie Turner
Kelly Walton
Emily Watkins
Laura Weeks
Sally Wilkinson
Jordan Wray